Health & Safety


3rd Grade Bike Safety Program

The Grade 3 bike safety program is a bicycle education program offered each fall to PAUSD third graders. This is a fun 3-part program with an on-bike rodeo to teach key skills to keep kids safe on the road. The last lesson is an on-bike practice (“Bike Rodeo”) with bicycle professionals, the PA Fire Department, and the Palo Alto Police Department.

Bay Area Bike Mobile

If your bike or your child’s bike is making one of those mystery sounds or collecting dust because it has a flat tire, bring it to school on the date advertised by the PTA.  The BikeMobile can fix flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, and even replace broken or worn out parts like chains, seats, and tires.  The only thing it can’t do is replace missing wheels or gears.  While the mechanics work on your bike they’ll explain how it works and how to keep it running smooth.  Bike or no bike, everyone is welcome to attend to learn about maintenance, safety, and more!

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The Sun Safety team educates Juana Briones students and parents about the importance of sun protection.


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