PTA Programs and Funds

In addition to building community through events, the Juana Briones PTA also supports our students by funding classroom and educational expenses not covered by the district or by PiE. As the only organization dedicated to supporting only Juana Briones students, the PTA is able to offer enrichment activities and materials that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Below is an overview of the types of programs that we fund in our classrooms. If you have questions or comments about specific programs, please contact a board member or attend the next PTA meeting — we would love to have your input.

Enrichment Assembly Fund

Our largest fund goes towards bringing in enriching educational assemblies and activities. Past examples include science assemblies by The Lawrence Hall of Science, musical performances, and drama workshops.

Teacher’s & Curriculum Support Funds

These two funds are each nearly as large as the assembly fund, and go towards paying for curriculum materials and offering a flexible account that teachers can use in whatever way is most useful to their classroom.

Library Fund

Reading every day is a top educational priority for Briones, and  the PTA supports this goal by purchasing hundreds of new books every year, both for library and classroom use.

Teacher’s Grant Fund

This fund is set aside for special purchases that fall outside regular classroom funding. In 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, we’re very proud to have used this fund to help our teachers create a technology Maker Cart. These materials are available for all classrooms to use.

Supplies for Teachers and Staff

Pens, markers, paper, scissors, tissues… the cost of running a classroom can add up quickly, and without support, those expenses often fall on the teacher. With this fund, every classroom teacher is able to get reimbursed for supply purchases.

School Improvement Fund

This fund goes toward school improvements. Past examples include adding benches to the playing field area and purchasing a new PA system.

Principal’s Fund

This fund is available to the principal to pay for needed items that aren’t funded through the district. Examples from the 2016-2017 school year include replacing all of the worn-out playground balls and buying a vest and lights for morning drop-off traffic rules enforcement.

Field Trip & Transportation Fund

This fund helps to offset the cost of special field trips, which makes it easier for teachers to work these educational opportunities into their plans.

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