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Welcome to Juana Briones!

If you’re wondering if the PTA is for you, the answer is YES. We are a non-profit all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the education, health, and well-being of all children at Juana Briones.
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Step 1: Sign up for eNews! That’ll keep you up to date on PTA events, meetings, and school news.
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Step 2: Join us for one of our community-building events, which we host year-round. (You don’t need to be a PTA member. All are welcome!)
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Step 3: Raise your hand and volunteer. We promise, it’s painless and you’ll get the chance to connect and make friends. (Because why should our kids have all the fun?)
Check this out: Volunteer Starter Guide

Step 4: Join the PTA! Events are open to all, but if you want to vote on our programs, you need to be a member. And we all know important voting is, right?
Check this out: PTA Membership Form (Now available online!)