How To Volunteer


First, we’d like to invite you to attend a PTA event! You don’t need to be a PTA member and you don’t need to volunteer — just show up, have fun, and get to know your PTA.

Then check the opportunities below and join us — you’ll be helping your child and making new friends at the same time!

Find the right role for you

If you’re not sure what you want to do, no worries. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you find the right opportunity.

Option 1: Download the VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM and note the events that are of interest to you. Fill it out and return it to the office.

Option 2: Check out the PTA notice board, located next to the MP room. Volunteer opportunities are posted, along with the contact info of the organizers to get more info. (For privacy reasons, we are not posting contact info online.)

Option 3: Connect with your child’s room parent. The room parents can help you with questions about PTA events and opportunities, or they’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

Have an idea in mind?

We’d love to hear it! Please see the PTA NOTICE BOARD for contact information and drop us a line.

Volunteer Positions Overview

This is not a complete list of all the jobs available, so if your preferred position isn’t here, please contact us!

Social Activities

Volunteering to help with a social activity is generally a one-day commitment, and is a great chance to meet people. Most events take place in the evenings or on weekends.  (If you love social activities and are looking for more, you might want to be a coordinate for one of these events!)

  • Ice Cream Social. Set up, clean up, serve pizza, or purchase supplies. (< 4 hours)
  • Walk to School Day. Set up, clean up, serve snacks, monitor activities, reward prizes. (< 4 hours)
  • Harvest Festival. Set up, clean up, sell tickets, run activities, support the bake sale. (2-8 hours)
  • Holiday Teacher Lunch & Cookie Exchange. Set up, clean up, make lunch or cookies. (<4 hours)
  • Movie Nights. Set up, clean up, make popcorn. (<4 hours)
  • Family Math Night. Set up, clean up, help to monitor games. (<4 hours)
  • Juana Run. Set up, clean up, purchase food, help to monitor course. (<4 hours)
  • Ice Skating Party. Set up, clean up, purchase food or bake cookies, serve food, sell baked goods. (<4 hours)
  • International Fair. Set up, clean up, design a poster for your country, bring & serve potluck food. (2-8 hours)

These roles generally don’t require being on campus at any particular time, so they’re good if you’re looking for flexibility.

  • Poster Maker. Create and hang posters for upcoming events. Most events have re-usable posters, and supplies are available in the office. (4 hours per month)
  • Marquee Boards. Post monthly events and information on the boards at both school entrances. (2 hours per month)
  • PTA Information Board. Update the board by the MP room with upcoming events and information. (4 hours per month)
  • Web Communications. Update the website with events and information. (4 hours per month)
  • Email Communications. Compile information and send out the eNews newsletter. (4 hours per month)
  • Print Communications. Write and edit the printed PTA newsletter. (8 hours per month)
Ways & Means

The PTA can’t support our kids without healthy fundraising, so these roles are key for making sure our events run smoothly.

  • Great Gatherings & Silent Auction. Join the organizing committee, compile the auction booklet, help solicit donations, take payments at the event. (most roles about 4 hours, organizing roles more)
  • Book Fair. Set up, break down, help organize, work a shift selling books. (most roles about 4 hours, organizing roles more)
  • Spirit Wear. Sell Briones spirit wear at various events during the school year. (4 hours per month)
School Activities

These school activities and traditions need extras hands to make possible.

  • School Picture Day. Help teachers bring students to and from the MP room for their pictures. (< 1 day)
  • Vision & Hearing Tests. Help bring students to and from the MP room for their tests. (< 1 day)
  • Library Volunteers. Help keep the library open during lunch hour, either once a week or once a month. Shelf books and assist the librarian during lunch hour. (1 shift per week or per month)
  • Yearbook Staff Photographers. Take photos during school and class events.
  • Yearbook Account Managers. Help with managing the ordering system and with yearbook communications.
  • Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP) Rep. Help to welcome and involve our East Palo Alto Briones families with activities and programs. Spanish-speaking is a plus!
  • Green Team. Help to make Briones an eco-friendly school.

Why Volunteer?

The PTA cannot function without the ideas, energy, and time of our volunteers. If your work or home schedule doesn’t allow for time on campus, don’t worry — most jobs can be done on your own time or on the weekends, and most jobs aren’t a big time commitment. By volunteering, you aren’t just supporting your school: you’re also doing yourself a favor by connecting with the wonderful families in your community. Read more here.