Welcome Back from Your PTA President

Greetings Briones Families!

As the PTA president, I would like to welcome back returning students and families! I also extend a very heartfelt WELCOME to our new BRIONES families! To all of you, I look forward to making 2017-2018 a fun and productive year.

To the PTA Executive board, committee chair leaders and all of our volunteers, I look forward to working with all of you this school year, some for the first time. I know we will have a great year because of the dedicated and amazing volunteers we have on the PTA.

The purpose of the PTA is to first and foremost support our students. Children succeed when families, schools and communities work together. In addition, the PTA supports the faculty, staff and parents. The Briones PTA is fortunate enough to support a wide variety of school events, activities and supplies/equipment. For example, the PTA sponsors all of the school assemblies that bring in great performers and educators to the kids and many exciting events such as the Ice Cream Social, Harvest Festival, Ice Skating Party, Book Fair and much more! This previous school year the PTA also purchased some new musical instruments which benefited all of the Juana Briones students.

An effective and successful PTA requires support and involvement of the parents of our students. It is vital. When parents volunteer for the PTA, not only do they support the school, but are given the opportunity to meet other Briones families! Your first opportunity to show your support is to become a member of the Juana Briones PTA. We encourage each of you to show your commitment by joining. You also have access to great discounts such as LEGOLAND! (Please refer to the Single Check Form).

The second way to show your support is to participate in the numerous exciting events and programs that we have planned throughout the year. You may choose to be a committee chair, committee member or volunteer. Whatever level of participation you choose; your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated. Many parents feel that they cannot participate in the PTA because they cannot attend meetings or be at school during the day. Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours in or outside of school hours, your ideas, your time and your talents are truly needed. There are endless possibilities in ways you can help! Please see the volunteer form to find out more details on how to donate your time!

Briones has been known for its diversity, friendly people and strong community building culture! I would like to invite all of you to join this wonderful experience!

Please contact me anytime about PTA events and activities! I am here to assist you in any way that I can.

I wish you a great school year and thank you for your support!

With Appreciation,
Suzanne Waxman