COVID-19 PTA Programs in March


The PTA is working on multiple programs to support both our Juana Briones community and our wider community. We invite all Briones families to join us in volunteering or donating if you’re able to do so. 

Donate directly to Briones families

Through our Food Drive immediately after school closures, we were able to raise enough funds to give $100 gift cards to 20 Briones families in need. If you would like to continue to offer support, you can do so through our online store. 100% of the funds go directly to the families. 

Join a support committee

We have volunteers working on a number of programs, and we need your help too! Sign up for eNEWS for updates or email to get started. We are:

  • Picking up PAUSD lunches and delivering them to families who are not able to make the pick-up.
  • Helping families set up their WIFI access and identifying those without devices.
  • Working with teachers to print out and mail work packets to families without printers.
  • Putting Palo Alto families who have self identified in touch with local services to feed their families.
  • Working with other PTA leaders to determine how to assemble and distribute school supplies before Spring Break and to help provide meals during this time.
  • Establishing relationships with the South Palo Alto Food Bank and our families in need, to get food picked up by families.
  • Working with Google to become part of its FEMA efforts.
  • Setting up the Weekly Challenges on Facebook and on the Google Powerpoint document and building more virtual socialization activities.