books, books, books & eBooks


Getting physical and eBooks into the hands of our Briones Bobcats is a priority for PTA this year!  As we continue to support each other, as we did this past spring and summer, we would like to collaborate on our next project:  Books, Books, Books, & eBooks!

YOU:  YES!  I love books and want to get more in my child’s hands!  What can I do to help?

US:  Thanks for asking!  Here are the many ways you can help!

Click HERE:  to help with jobs at # 3 or #4 or email

 1.  Go through your bookshelves and pull all the books your child has outgrown and pack them up!

2.  At the next Supplies Pick-Up day, bring those books to school and drop them off at the table set-up for Book Donations.  Date not yet confirmed.

3.  Meanwhile, remember all those books you dropped at the PTA President’s house this summer?  Those books need to be “leveled”.  This means, we need 5-10 volunteers to load an app on their phone and scan and mark the level on each of those books.   EASY!  This is a great project for your 4th or 5th grade Briones Bobcat!


4.  We also need 1-3 volunteers to deliver those boxes of books to people who are going to level them. 

5.  No time and would prefer to just throw your money at the books, books, books, eBooks project?  PTA would happily take your donation to our Library to help fund eBooks subscriptions and purchase books to restock the depleted teacher libraries that got sent out last year.  Click here to make a donation:  Donate to the Library!

6.  Speaking of the Teacher Libraries, if you have books your teacher sent home last spring, please return them to the next Supplies Pick-Up day, labeled with your teacher’s name.

7.  Outstanding library books will also be collected at the next Supplies Pick-Up day.