PTA General Meeting and Movie Night

Plan on coming to Briones on Friday, January 19 at 7:00 PM, as we’ll have a general PTA meeting and movie night!

We are very fortunate to have guest speaker, Dr. Fred Luskin, with us for a joint presentation with Principal, Tom Jacoubowsky, on the importance on students developing and having a life balance.

The presentation will be occurring in the library while the movie will be playing in Room 23.

Dr. Luskin had both his children graduate from Palo Alto schools and knows first-hand what our students are going through in our community. He has spoken many times in PAUSD and I’m certain you’ll find his presentation meaningful, worthwhile and you will take home practical tips for your own family.

Persuasive Writing Persuaded the PTA

We wanted to share this nice note from Principal Tom Jacoubowsky. The PTA board enjoyed hearing from our 3rd grade students, and we were happy to respond to their very persuasive request. 🙂

Another highlight of my week came when Yasmin Shirole invited me to come into her third grade class as the students were working on Persuasive Writing. One of the pieces of work shared with me was about the need for more balls for the ballroom. After reading it and feeling persuaded myself, I told the students I would read their writing at the PTA meeting that was held this past Wednesday. As promised, I read the student’s work to the PTA. They were also very persuaded by the letter, so they approved a budget of $300 to add more balls for our students to enjoy. Fantastic work by the students and thank you to the PTA for your generous contribution!

PTA Help Needed

The PTA needs has two positions open and would like your help in filling them. The two positions are Vice President of Community Activities and Vice President of Communications.

If you could help out, it would be greatly appreciated. To learn more, click the link below.

Briones PTA Positions

Upcoming Events – Teacher Appreciation and Cookie Exchange

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon

The Juana Briones PTA is hosting its annual Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon for all of the hard-working teachers and staff members who do so much to make sure our children succeed in school day in and day out.

Please help us make this event a success by volunteering; either by cooking a dish or helping with the set-up/clean-up crew!

Sign up here to participate in the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon!

Holiday Cookie Exchange for Teachers & Staff

Special Call for Bakers & Volunteers!

In addition to our Holiday Luncheon, the Briones PTA also sponsors and organizes a Holiday Cookie Exchange to show our gratitude and appreciation for Briones Teachers and Staff. Parent Volunteers contribute and display a sumptuous spread of cookies and baked treats (homemade or store-bought, all welcomed!), so that teachers and staff can create their own customized holiday cookie assortment to take home.

If you are interested in helping out, please bring 1-2 dozen of your favorite holiday cookies to the Briones Staff Lounge in the School Office on Tuesday, December 12th by 8:30am. We also welcome help for set-up.

Sign up here to participate in the Cookie Exchange!

For questions, kindly contact our Holiday Cookie Exchange Chair, Pam Chee at